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NORTH CHRAFT’s original terminology

1) KINURI (Live paint)

KINURI (Live paint) is the NORTH CRAFT’s unique and innovative painting technology that features three-dimensional depth and a nature motif that gives the appearance of real life. This special paint is adopted from Japanese traditional craft, and is used to create Kanazawa Gold Leaf and Yamanaka Lacquerware, two of Ishikawa Prefecture’s most notable local industries.

2) VINAL ACTION (Multivariant action)

This is a multivaliant action generated by the retrieval speed of the lure or by the change of the water current. It is not caused by rod operation.
NORTH CRAFT has designed and developed lures which provide this action intentionally, making difficult-to-catch fish more likely to bite in the unpredictable outdoors.


Finicky fish tend not to pay attention to movements of the line, especially when it is pulled laterally.
We have proven to successfully produce results for the anglers to entice a big fish to bite through the “drifting method”, which releases the lure at the mercy of the current.

However, it is essential to have a specific type of action while falling in the drifting method called the “Flapping Fall.” This method causes a horizontal fall with side-by-side rolling.
NORTH CRAFT designs and develops products that adjust fall speed and rolling pitch as you aim at your fields or targets.


A minnow that has wobbling action imposes anglers since it heavied retrieve resistance
when operating in strong flow. On the other hand, a minnow with rolling action weakens line resistance, causing a significant decrease in operating performance.
NORTH CRAFT has successfully produced a groundbreaking lure that you can operate smoothly with optimum retrieval resistance by placing the axis of rotation outside of the lure itself.

Terms and Details on manufacturing policy


If the product shows any defects in appearance or suffers from a lack of product durability, we will refund the full value of the item or replace defects free of charge.
Regarding replacement and return of defective products, please follow procedures applicable to the shop or dealer where the item was purchased.
No liability is held for any other claims which may arise due to consequential damage through use, inadequate storage, assignment or resale.


Many of our products are made from ABS resin or urethane foam which are sensitive to high temperatures. If placed in an environment of 60 degrees Celsius or more, ABS products can rupture while urethane products will reduce to foam. Additionally, paint coatings can exfoliate, so take care to avoid exposing NORTH CRAFT products to temperatures exceeding 50 or 60 degrees Celcius, such as hot vehicles in summer.


Please note that because NORTH CRAFT products are manufactured by hand, they do not display perfect uniformity, particularly GARAGE MADE products, which may appear slightly asymmetric since individual lures are glazed by hand. When necessary, please adjust the eyes prior to fishing.


A product’s listed weight includes the weight of the body, excluding split rings and hooks. However, please note that the listed weight of products made from urethane foam can vary as a result of weather conditions such as temperature and humidity.
Actual weight may vary within plus or minus 15% of listed weight.

Designer Hironori Kitade